No Day without a Line
13.2 – 19.3.2016
Eröffnung 12.2., 17 Uhr

SATELLITE BERLIN – Art in collaboration

Satellite Berlin

Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 12
10179 Berlin-Mitte

Inspired by an idea from
Gaby Hartel

NULLA DIES SINE LINEA is conceived as an open-ended exhibition that examines the idea of the ‚practiced mind‘ as a path to inspiration. „No day without a line [drawn]“ is a saying attributed by Pliny the Elder to the ancient Greek painter Apelles, who was famously diligent in practicing his art every day. In this spirit, our show aims to examine the habits and practices used by agile thinkers to stay connected, or ‚in line,‘ with the sublime.

We have invited artists and agile thinkers from the sciences and humanities to share their practices with us and contribute to our experimental show. SATELLITE BERLIN’s space will be transformed into something unknown to us at the outset. The space will become a threshold to the creative process–rooms in which to listen, to gain insight into fertile minds or to enter one’s own.

among others:

Thora Dolve Balken, Artist
Carrie Beehan Songwriter, Performer
Andrea Blum, Artist-Chef
Tom Chamberlain, Artist
Dr. Satyan
Devadoss, Mathematician
Saul Fletcher, Artist
Neil Gall, Artist
Dr. Mark Gisbourne, Curator
Lothar Goetz, Artist
Robert Gschwantner, Artist
Bjørn Hegardt Artist, Publisher
Veronike Hinsberg, Artist
Linda Karshan, Artist
Dr. Konstantinos
Katsikopoulos, Cognitive scientist
Joseph Kosuth, Artist
Michael Kutschbach, Artist
Juliane Laitzsch, Artist
Katrin von Lehmann, Artis
Liliane Lijn, Artist
Werner Linster, Artist
Nanne Meyer, Artist
Phil Minton, improv. Singer
Massimo Morasso, Poet
Ciprian Mureșan, Artist
Lorenzo Rocha, Architect
Alexander Ross, Artist
Owen Schuh, Artist
Frantisek Skála, Artist
Fabio Sonnino, Stage Designer
Thomas Stammer, Production Designer
Jonathan Turner,Curator, art critic
Jorinde Voigt, Artist
Dr. Paul Wrede, Molecular Biologist
Tamar Yoseloff, Poet